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Provide price list is a sample. The exact range and prices depend on the type of project and fit to your needs and expectations. Feel free to contact me to arrange it.


1. Basic version


  •  The project in plan land use
  • Project of covering the surface and pavements, the concept of the lighting
  • The concept of greenery + list of plants
  • Visualizations of the most important places – 3 pieces
  • General price list – the average prices of used material

Amount: 2.00 euro / 1 m2

2. Extended version


  • Basic version 1)
  • Technical design of the garden (dimensioning on the plan)
  • Visualizations 5 pieces

Amount: 2.20 euro / 1 m2



  • Conceptual design version 1 + 2
  • Project irrigation system
  • Dimensioning of the most important elements of small architecture (in cross-section or view)
  • Closeup a detailed solution to the desired part of the garden
  • Two sized sections in the most important areas of the garden
  • Description of the project (description of the individual zones and different parts of project)

Amount: 2.70 euro / 1 m2

Feel free to contact me any time.