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In my work with passion I do projects of private gardens, therapy gardens, historic gardens, courtyards, parks, green areas and urban squares, balconies, terraces, urban furnitures. I am happy to take new challenges and problematic issues. In my work apart from the pencil tool  the leading are computer programs such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Artlantis, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, SketchUp.

My workshop includes creating most of all:

  • 2D space development projects
  • 3D visualization of design concepts
  •  Technical design and 2D irrigation system
  • Year-round nursing plan
  • Graphics (posters, posters, billboards, signboards, business cards)


  • Private gardens
  • Therapeutic gardens, sensory gardens
  • Historic gardens, restoration and maintenance of historic gardens
  • Vertical gardens
  • Parks, squares, squares
  • Health paths
  • Ponds

NATURE IN THE ARCHITECTURE Nature in the architecture

  •  Roof gardens green roofs
  • Vertical Gardens „green walls
  • The living garden and urban architecture the „green furniture
  • Patios, courtyards in houses
  • Balconies and terraces
  • Natural playgrounds


  • Street furniture (benches, tables, trash cans, bike racks, planters, tables, chairs)
  • Garden furniture (arbour, benches, tables, rock gardens, trellises, pergolas, planters)
  • Pavements in interesting motives
  • Decorative elements sculptures, water objects

In ARTICLES tab you will find a number of texts about the principles of designing gardens and parks, building green roofs and vertical walls, spatial nursery gardens, playgrounds, historic gardens. Many of the articles explains specific issues such as horticultural therapy, Land Art, permaculture, bioretention, ecological ponds.

All projects are prepared in a special sheets of Jo.Pracka. You can find an example below.

Projekt ogrodu na profesjonalnym arkuszu pracowni JO.Pracka / Example of a sheet