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Carbon free village


The projecting terrain is settled in the city called Lesmo. In surrounding from the direction of south-west we can find a river Lambro. The site is located in the different levels of the ground. The difference between the lowest and the highest level is 7 meters. The orientation of the project is converted according to the south. This approach helps to keep the sunlight for a longer time with better results connected with energy management.

Idea: The main idea of the project was to create a carbon free village. The electricity comes from the sun energy which can be delivered through the solar panels to the single house. On this way the power will be given to the whole terrain according to all facilities designed on the site.

The main wind during the summer comes from south-west direction. During the evaporation process from the ponds created on the site, water comes up and wind brings it to the air. The particular direction of the wind helps to cool the surrounding of the living spaces which reduce the level of the energy needed to cool the interior spaces in the summer. The opposite situation we can find during the winter, because the direction of the wind is north-east. The coniferous trees planted on the north and east site of the terrain will prevent the village from the cold and strong wind.


On the site designed 3 ecological water ponds: two in the more-less circular shape and one long lake. On the two smaller ponds localized pathways crossing the water with places to sit and arbors. The pathways combined around the lakes are giving the possibility to go for a walk and spend free time near the nature. Beside that all the pathways are connected with each other to provide the user on the whole site of the village. With a stairs is possible to come for an upper level of the terrain. A special route was created for a people to make a walk on the green roofs. The wooden pathway starts and ends with a ramp which give the opportunity for disabled people to visit the tops. From this pathway is possible to get an overlook for all village and long lake in the nearby.

The other facilities created on the site are playground, recreational squares and outdoor fitness pathway. The composition of the greenery reflect the landform. The surrounding of the lakes is covered with water plants. In the other parts of the environment used decorative and ever green plants which can create a nice space also during the winter time.


Top viewModel 3D from the east Model 3D from the south-westSection east-west Section north-south


Small biological pond with pathway in the middle Big pond with arbor Pathway with passive houses in the background Picnic space Pathway on the roofs Play ground Play ground Morning fog

Localisation: Lesmo, Brianza, Italy

The year of printing: 02.03.2015