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Project of a private garden


Private garden design around detached house

Idea: The composition of the garden has been created with the aim of aesthetic and simple arrangement of household space. The entire length along the existing wall was decided to plant a hedge covering raw concrete. This resulted in a pleasant garden interior of large amounts of green around. The front part has a decorative character. Selected plant’s species are mostly evergreen, which will be the decoration of the house throughout the year. The large areas with lawn was replaced with decorative gravel. The southern wall of the garage is proposed to develop in the evergreen vine trellises. This will improve the view from the kitchen window at the building. Garden behind the house has proper shape referring to the planned 8-diagonal arbor. Designed discounts take the form of irregular, and the lines are a reflection or extension of the shape of the arbor. Also, in the form of 8-angle created a recreational seat located in lowering of the terrain. Garden furniture serves as a showroom for outdoor dining. Decorative form characterized by numerous applied grass. The whole compositional entered the woodshed – near the residential building and a room for tools in the corner of the garden.


Koncepcja zagospodarowania terenu / Top view of a garden spaceInspiracje projektowe / Inspirations used in the projectPrzekrój i detal / Section and detailPrzykłady zastosowanych roślin / Examples of used plants


Wizualizacja części frontowej / Visualsation of frontal part Wizualizacja ogrodu / Visualisation of a garden

Localisation: Puszczykowo Stare near Poznan, Poland

Orderer: private client

The year of realisation: spring 2015

The year of printing: 05.05.2015