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Public space for students


Public space for students

Idea:  The project is based on the rhythmic layout of small architectural elements. They consist of concrete blocks to sit and matched color surface of paving. The main traffic route leads pedestrian straight to the entrance stairs. On the right and left site were planned small squares to sit. Public place for students should match to their requirements. Users can use the seat whole breaks, and places to sit allow them to meet many people at the same time or provide individuals a moment of rest. Selected plants fits to the character of the design. Row of plantings and shrubs provide both evergreen accents and colorful flowers in the changes of the season. The birchtrees in a shape of umbrellas make the public space more attractive.


Przestzeń publiczna - projekt elementów małej architektury

Public space for student to have a break

Przestzeń publiczna - projekt roślinności

Public space for students with nice plants


Przestrzeń publiczna dla studentów

Public space for students with benches

Przestrzeń publiczna dla studentów

Public space for students with modern plants

Localisation: Reutte, Austria

Client: Chamber of Labor Tirol

Costs: 56 000 Euro

Made through: Gartenbau Kerschdorfer

Realisation: 2016